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I’m terrible with gifts. I nearly always buy the person what I’d want to get, which is wrong and dangerous, especially if the present is for a lover. Or I get what they’ve hinted for and find some way to bollocks that up, like getting the wrong colour, size or cheap dangerous Chinese version of whatever they asked for. “Lead paint in the cutlery? Really?”

And I know you’re just like me. Of course you are. You read this blog!

So with less than 15 days until my birthday I thought I’d help you all out and get the ball rolling early and get my wish list of gifts you can get me.

MonkeyLet’s start with the cheap stuff:
A box of gum
Some nice hotel soaps
Lint brushes
A plastic dollar store monkey
Socks and Underwear
A new pumice stone

Silent Hill PSPA Little more Wallet Intensive:
Seasons One and Two Venture Brothers
Silent Hill for the PSP
Nice shirts for work
Kooky robot t-shirts
A nice gift certificate to HMV
A nice gift certificate to iTunes
Some lovely sketchbooks
French lessons
Better socks and underwear!

Mac ProWelcome to Tiffany’s:
A Wii
4 or 5 Wii games
A new TV (flat screen, duh!)
Classes to Second City
A car lease
Insurance for car
Insurance for the apartment
Another kitten for George Hamilton to play with
Airfare to NYC for the weekend
A MacPro Duo Core with 8G of RAM
An iPhone (hello US readers!)
Some shoes

I’m glad I could help. Remember! Gift receipts!

13 thoughts on “Being Helpful

  1. SharkBoy

    Steven: please get them in pink. it will add to the persona when he uses them at the gym too.

  2. Normlr

    Sorry, no flash on iPhone yet – but Apple is working on delivering it for the next update. Java sucks anyways.

    Might I suggest Resident Evil 4 for the Wii? Just got that last week. Fun. Kinda scary too.

  3. andrew

    woolfitt’s on queen west always has good cheap sketchbooks. if you need clothes, i need to do a closet purge. you won’t get any underpants or socks, though. kittens: there are oodles of temporary fostering places that have kittens waiting to be adopted. q-tips are bad for you. so are video games. all the other stuff you can live without.

  4. SharkBoy

    I’m just behind you fuckface, if you have something to say, why don’t you turn around!!!

  5. Dead Robot

    No you heard wrong. Safari has flash, the operating system is based on flash and Java is for ubernerds.

    I heard complaints that you were reading chick lit.

  6. SharkBoy

    Yesterday I heard complaints about iPhones because they didn’t have Java loaded in…
    Today I heard more complaints because it doesn’t have Flash loaded…
    Are you sure you want that crap toy?

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