Ha, I think.

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A woman the same age as I, bee-lines to me while on my shift at the Apple store.

“I want to ask you a question!” She says urgently.


“Gwen Stephani did a song… well lots of people did this song… But I want to know who did it originally. The song It’s My Life…?”

I was expecting a tech question. This made me smile. Without missing a beat I said “The original band was Talk Talk.”

“THANK YOU!!” She focuses her attention to her iPhone iTunes app.

About 20 minutes later she returns: “Me again. The song Send Me an Angel

“That was the one hit wonders Real Life.”

“Thanks. You seem old enough to remember these songs.”

Ha! …I think.

Later, two men are standing by the iPads. One lazily waves me over.

“Hiiiiii.” He draws it out like a song. “What. Okay… In the last year.” Pause. He’s having difficulty forming the question. Or getting the sing song quality right. “In the last year, what was your favorite video?”

“I… Look, I’m 45 years old. I don’t watch videos.”

“Really? 45?”

“Oh no wait, I’d have to say that OK GO video where they’re in the park.”

“Hmreallytheirnameis OK Go?”


Never a dull moment.

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