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This wacky city I live in.

The Streetcar is Boring


So the power thing…yeah… Lots of inconvenienced people. Not me. It was business as usual. It was cool to see the dead street cars placed every two blocks, sort of reminded me of that Canadian move “Last Night”.

So about this homeless guy I have the hots for:

I ride the streetcar pretty much every day and I pass by a temp hard labour agency on Queen and Sherbourne. He’s there as early as 8am to 10am-ish. He’s just over 6ft, with a sandy blond goatee. He always wears jeans (which fit well), has a napsack and a baseball cap. Some days he sits, some he’s standing leaning against a storefront doorway, his crotch nicely buntched up. He’s rough. But a good rough. I find this whole thing weird…I wonder what it would be like to find out someone likes me from afar. Id probably be all shy and withdrawn and shit. One day I got enough balls to cycle by him and he didnt even notice…no suprise there. Ive made up an entire imaginary home life for him and tacked on this bizzare bi male fantasy where he experiments with me. What can I say? The streetcar is boring.


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The Mr Toolbox Bear contest was so dreadful I left half way through. The microphone was hooked up to a crappy speaker and combined with the M/C’s accent I couldnt understand a word he was saying. And Hamilton Terry was there.

Let me qualify some things here: I work in a leather bar doing promotions/website/ads and I have limited contact with customers (not as much as the bartenders). For the most part I like our clientelle but as always in group dynamics, theres always someone who rubs your fur the wrong way. Terry is one of them. I find him annoying. He opens his mouth and its all I can do to keep myself from walking away or yelling at him to shut up. You know the type… it doesnt matter how nice they are to you or how shitty they are…their personality is your nemesis-personality. Your anti-matter personality. Thankfully he lives in Hamilton so he’s not in often. Anyway he was there last night talking all the way through the first part of the contest while I was trying to listen to what was being said on stage, which was a chore due to their crappy p.a. system.

I guess I was expecting more from the night. I got nothing. I had a dream this morning that I was back at my first job out of Media school. But I was so ignored/forgotten that I could walk into any boardroom and sit in on things without anyone questioning my presence. I went back to my desk and found it a dumping ground for old computers, manuals, my cubicle fodder, and…insult to injury…my chair was gone. At that point, OldGrannyShakes, the lady in the office who would complain about everything came up to my cube and told me to avoid the Ham. She felt sick since lunch. Which was weird because we didnt have a cafeteria. Then Lady Penelope woke me.


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Hello. I’m not good at introductions. I generally do the cop out thing and say “Introduce yourselves” when I have to do 2 or more people standing about. So mumble under your breath your name and say Hi.

Okay so this is my first blog. I haven’t a real exciting life. I collect robots and I run another site called Dead Robot, which I should update much more often than I like. I’m a culture vulture and will use any excuse to watch tv or bad sci fi at any given moment. I think that’s all I’m gonna reveal right now…if you read on you will get the gist of who I am. If you click on the stuff at the side you will be dissapointed.