5 thoughts on “Waiter Rant

  1. Gabriel...

    My little brother has been in the industry for fifteen years, he’s now in middle-middle management at one of the top three hotels in Toronto. I keep trying to get him to blog about his stories but he’s paranoid about someone finding out… the celebrity and political stuff he had to deal with has been insane.

  2. Evil Panda

    HOLY CRAP, I KNOW THAT GUY! His name is Lloyd, I used to work with him at a restaurant about 10 years ago in Chicago. He’s the actor/waiter combo, he does a lot of improv as well.

  3. Evil Panda

    I haven’t seen the rant yet, being at work. I did, however, read a lot of the blog during lunch today…that guy’s dead on about almost everything. Especially the comparison between waiters and prostitutes, which is a comparison I’ve been making since 1989.

  4. furrywolf

    Hmm. I have seen most of this rant a time or two in person from my other half about bad customer service. You did not hear this from me.

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