6 thoughts on “How To Make SharkBoy Laugh, Pt42

  1. postbear

    i’ve been waiting for a slew of these giant shark movies to come out ever since meg the film got killed a few times. the author has been shopping the book around for ages and at least a few dull-witted people who only feed off others for ideas must have contemplated re-invigorating jaws yet again (not to mention all those idiotic discovery channel giant/futuristic/alien/prehistoric beast shows). read the meg books if you get the chance (they’re hilariously bad) and while the author makes a lot of claims about being a marine biologist with a focus on the deep sea, he apparently was a sports medicine student.

  2. Jim M

    There’s no way that’s a real movie. Are they trying to out snake-on-a-plane Snakes on a Plane?

    I mean… Debbie Gibson? It’s perfect!

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