More Numbers


So I gets me a new camera. It’s pretty freaking sweet. You all know that.

And I goes to the Zombie Walk here in Toronto last weekend. I take a bazillion pictures and post some of them up to Flickr.

A couple are picked up by Flickr Blog and hosted on their main page for all the world to see.

My stats spike. Wow!

Look at that spike! In total, the entire population of my old home town clicked on my pics to see. Puffy chest!

Today I see over on BuzzFeed, a popular meme tracking site, my pics were posted as part of a Nerdy Zombie article. Okay that’s cool. Wait… no credit! Even with a Creative Commons Licensing agreement attached to my photos. I’m kind of miffed, but not overtly so. The internet is about sharing, and to police it would be madness. I just wish a link back or nod would have been nice.

Look at me. I’m a fucking numbers hog now.

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