Challenge #7 – Favorite Movies

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7. Favorite movies

Instead of yammering on about movies, which I do all the time, I’ll just show you three different images from three different categories and you can guess your brains out! Know that this list is loosey goosey and not an actual definitive *LIST* because we’d be here for hours if I were to list them all. Wee!

Fave Sci Fi:

Pew Pew!

In. Through. Beyond!

It says here there's a Denny's near by!

Fave Film Noir:

Get out? Before you throw my things into the street? Hello?

Getting punchy!

Ask to see JTree to do his imitation of this scene...


Fave Musical:

Gummi Bears!

A Cock in a Frock On a Rock!

Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!

Fave Drama

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise...

Hard to watch. Worth every minute.

For me, this went beyond a "Cartoon"

Fave Comedies

Comedy, music, animation... what more do you want?

I'm picking out a Thermos for you. Not an ordinary Thermos for you.

Originally, this horrified me as a kid.

6 thoughts on “Challenge #7 – Favorite Movies

  1. DeadRobot

    Matt knows Drama #1. His name is Robert Paulson!

    Drama #2 is “Polytechnique” which stayed with me for days after. I was going to put down Incendies too (same director) but I had to leave something for SharkBoy if he ever does this challenge!

  2. Matt

    @thejtree – No, Drama #1 isn’t Sleepless in Seattle, but I bet someone could edit them together for a laugh. Think Brad Pitt in a fur coat…
    I have no idea what Drama #2 is though.

  3. Insomnia

    This was a great idea… way easier than trying to list them…. and then laying in bed afterward thinking of the hundreds of others that you left out….. but I’m with thejtree on this one.. I don’t recognize the first drama at all.

  4. thejtree

    Haha, I agree with many of these. Though, 2/3 dramas I don’t even know… unless I do and don’t recognize the images. Is the first one “Sleepless in Seattle?” 😉

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