You Like to Watch – The 6 Best People Watching Spots at Disney

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This sounds like a no brainer, right? Watching people in one of the most crowded places in the northern hemisphere should be easy. Stop. Look. Done. But you can do it in style and/or in comfort. And here’s where I take you to some of the best spots within The World. Hold my hand! Weee!

6. Downtown Disney. Back when Pleasure Island was a tight knit group of nightclubs, sitting on the sidelines at night was a great place to watch people behave badly within the World. Now, with the clubs closed due to escalating violence (See? See??) DTD isn’t much of a party. However, there is one fantastic pressure point around DTD that when pushed, creates explosive drama: I’m talking about money! Sit near the Legoland shop and see the tears flow as parents pull kids away from the vats of bricks. Sit near the Disney Vacation Club kiosks and see adults argue about just how much points they can afford. Sit over by the Christmas Shop and watch people recall horrid holiday meltdowns. One other plus about this place is that it’s full of Florida locals too, since there’s no cover to get in. And if you’ve ever watched 10 minutes of local Orlando news, you know the heat makes you do/wear crazy things.

Perfectly Perfect5. Epcot: The Pavilions. Literally any place you stand or sit within the World Showcase area of EPCOT will provide you with a merry-go-round of people and their wonderful emotions. Areas of note: Mexico and Germany are more “drinky” than most spots so if you’re hanging out there, you’re going to see some hot messes, especially if it’s warm out and the $15 tequila shots are flowing! The gardens outside France, nearer to the bridge is a nice place to sit – it’s a bit of a bottle neck from England on to the other pavilions, and offers some nice tree shade.

4. Behind the Castle. People stream through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle constantly – it’s a rite of passage (ha!). But if you’ve just walked through the castle from the hub, hang a left and plop yourself near Cinderella’s fountain. If you’re lucky you’ll see the Three Ugly Sisters with Lady Tremaine, who schtick I could watch for hours. Also, you get to judge the tiny princesses coming out of the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. “Oh honey… this ain’t Toddlers and Tiaras.”

Chug chug3. Atop the Liberty Belle. Be first in line for the riverboat, claw your way up the stairs and plant yourself on the top deck, centre, for fantastic human views. You’ll slowly pass people devouring turkey legs and greeting characters (which is another post…). As the ride passes Big Thunder Mountain, try to get people to wave at you. My fave new park pastime is getting photos of people’s faces on rides. The Liberty Belle offers a fantastic spot where you’re nearly level with the roller coaster, right after they hit a hair pin turn. After that, sit and relax for the rest of the ride. SEE VIDEO BELOW!

2. Writer’s Stop. Tucked in between the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater and the narrow walkway onto the Streets of America, there is a small coffee shop called the Writer’s Stop cafe. It’s so small (and up some stairs if you’re coming from the SoA side) that most people miss it as they’re zipping by. Grab yourself a carrot cake cookie (Cream cheese filling? OHMYFUCKINGGOD!!) and sit in the narrow window in the front. Watch people try to get reservations at the Sci Fi Diner (that’s another post…) or try to figure out where the hell they are in the park. That corner seems to be spot where people get lost (that’s another post…). It’s also possible to see random Star Wars characters wandering too and fro. As SharkBoy says: Chibooki!

Castle view from the Tomorrowland Transportation Authority1. Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Some would say the lamest ride ever. But I say it’s the best 20 minutes of fantastic bald patch counting in the entire world. The ride is high up above the crowd so your judgmental gaze is literally unseen and you’re whisked past some awesome people rest spots, like the toilets outside Space Mountain. Mark my words, I’ve seem some awesome melt downs there (that’s another post…).

Honorable Mention: Disneyland. I don’t talk about DL much because I’ve only been there twice but know that there are two rocking chairs on a porch midway along Main Street USA. Get there early, grab a muffin and a tea and watch the people stumble over the trolley tracks to get to Star Tours first. You’ll be glad you did.

UPDATE! I forgot my husband did a fantastic video of the Liberty Belle:

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