Planning Your Disney Cruises – Starting Out, Setting Sail

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I wrote an article for the fun and informative Disney site Fat Hobbit! Here’s an excerpt, but you should really go there and read it all!

Upper Decker, DuskYou’re curious about a Disney Cruise but you have a lot of questions: What’s the best ship to choose? Can adults survive on cruise ship full of kids? Can kids survive boredom while in the middle of the sea? Is it all burgers and chips dining? Where can I pet a dolphin? Stick with me, kid, I’ll show you the ropes!

First, I’m going to tell you about the basics: the “where”, the “how” and “how much?” and in future articles I’ll get to all these questions and more. So let’s get right to it, shall we?


Set Sail!

Let’s start at an easy point: Where do you want to go? Disney has mirrored its itineraries with all the other major cruise lines out there, so there’s no real surprises in where they go. Currently Disney travels to Alaska, the California Coast, Bahamas, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, Europe and a Transatlantic cruise too. Their site can give you the rundown on each destination. Since every cruise line uses the same ports that can accommodate the big ships, there’s not much difference in terms of destinations between Disney and the other guys.

How does Disney compete in the cutthroat cruise business?

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