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New Day, New Phone


Thank you SharkBoy for braving the crowds and the lines to get us the new iPhone and setting up the new contract. Surprisingly there were some still available yesterday and the line in the early morning went fast.

First off, it’s fast. I’m shocked at how quick it runs (compared to a 3G running any new or old OS). Apple needs to make more of these A1 chips.

It’s glassy. Must not drop…

Urge to Early Adopt – RISING!

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All the tech blogs out there are speculating that Apple will announced an event for January 27th (or the 26th, or the 19th) where they most likely will announce the “iSlate” or “The Overgrown iPhone”. Definitely something “small enough to carry in a handbag but too big to fit in a pocket”.

Sigh. I’ve learned my lesson with being an early adopter for Apple. You wait until the 3rd version of whatever Apple makes. Usually, the first version of a new product from Cupertino is always somewhere near “prototype” quality – amazing functionality with shockingly beautiful design all packaged in reality-distorting hype. But after 6 months a battery explodes here, a screen dies there, or some glaringly obvious feature is left out (Cut ‘n paste on the iPhone!). The second version is always “We heard your comments and look! We made it white!” where they address enough issues to satisfy another push of sales (the reality distortion field is turned up to 11). Finally, the third version always has a faster processor AND most of the issues resolved.

I know all this. I’ve gone through it three times with the Blueberry iMac, the iPod and the iPhone. I know enough to wait. But why do I tingle like a zombie Jesus on the third day of Easter?

Flash back to Dec 26th in Vermont. We decided it was time to visit some shops for some post season sales and we enter a Barns and Nobel (Canadians will know them as “Chapters” up here). Right at the entrance was a pre-order desk for their new eReader, called “The Nook“. The excitement around the table itself was incredible. With the crowd chattering on how interesting this new thing was it was obvious that people want an eReader. With all the options promised by the Nook (free connection/download service from B&N, book preview, colour touch screen instead of physical buttons like The Kindle, etc) there’s a good chance that the iSlate will do the same, but in colour and with a lot more functionality. Such as magazine subscriptions and/or movie rentals via iTunes.

And have a hybrid of OS X running it.

And have internet connectivity over 3G.

And a web cam for chatting/messaging.

And will cure cancer.

Of course, SharkBoy has forbidden me to even think of getting one this year. Damn I hate being behind in technology. But keeping up with technology is like you’re a horny salmon in an Alaskan river: you can only go so far and then you’re fucked and die.