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Toronto ComiCon 2013

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Oh Nerds. How I love you so.

Watching people wander by, in between photos, I thought to myself: These are my people. The geeks, the emos, the curious, the funny, the scarily dead serious. Truly I was in my element. And then my fan ran out of juice and I struggled to get back to the change room before fainting from the heat and smell in my suit.

Here are some pics!

Her first run with the AT-AT pilot suit
hair sneaks out

Ready to go!



Humblebrag: I had at least 2 seconds of air time across all news channels on Saturday night when they reported the nerdsunami. But this is the longest of me at 24 seconds in:

Ten Dollar Balloon

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I’ve tried to put into words the invisible guilt I feel sometimes when I go to Walt Disney World. The feeling that all this constructed reality does more harm than good, yet I still love the place…

Least I Could Do, One of my fave comics, is doing a series set at WDW where the sometimes morally bankrupt lead character, Rayne, is experiencing Disneyworld for the first time. They’re mirroring my exact feelings I had when I first went and so far it’s pretty awesome: Least I Could Do. (The series starts here.)

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Today social media overflowed into my life.

SharkBoy and I got up early-ish and had breakfast at one of our haunts… the Coach House on Yonge.

They Do, if You Ensue it Happens.

After, we hit the Toronto Reference Library for the TCAF where Social Media crashed into me hard. First I met Steve MacIssac of Shirtlifter fame and while my eyes hungrily ate up his thick frame (I follow his reference pictures on Flickr and smile), I happily shucked out $6 for a signed copy of his first comic. Signed. Suck it!!

Then it was a short hop to Joel Watson’s table. The creator of Hijinks Ensue was awesome and a really super great guy.

Me And Joel!

So I bought a book and he asked what sketch I wanted in the front cover. I hesitated and asked for “Joel”, not sure if I should have said “you” since the comic characters are of real people, himself included, in impossible geek situations. He hesitated too. “Me? Usually people ask for…”

“…Josh?” I finish. Josh is a gay character in his universe who 9 times out of 10 is the funny guy to Joel’s straight (ha.) man.

This is what I got:

I like you. I really like you!

After spending some time and cash, we wandered with our cameras down to the Distillery District and took some pics:

It's a Walking Eye, Hank! A WALKING EYE!

Then we walked down by some dockside bars and met up with @TomWDart. Actually he was out enjoying the sun and looked good especially after his bout with some viral thing.

Tall Tom

On the way home we saw some tumblers. Not the drinky drink kind, the bouncy bounce kind:


And then SharkBoy was on his knees in the park. Tsk. But he got the shot!

Tyra called...

Now we’re about to sit down with a good movie or heroin or something. A perfect day!!