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AIDS Walk 2010

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This was my first time participating in an AIDS walk. Why did I wait so long? I can’t really say – apprehension? Worried I’d be branded? Lazy? Likely “yes” to all those but I do apologize for waiting so long. It was a great day for a walk and our meager contribution might have been small, I do feel like I belonged to something larger.

Well… “larger” is a relative term. In Joan River’s biopic A Piece of Work, she tells an AIDS joke (I’m paraphrasing): Joan mentions that she delivers meals to AIDS suffers and complains that so many are surviving that when she went to one house the guy opened the door, sees her, and says “You again?! Look, just leave it over there, I’m going to the gym.” She says, “The GYM?! Look, either the virus or my fists, someone is going to die today.”

Testament that the drugs that are out there are working in controlling the disease. If you call liver cancer or diabetes “control”. Regardless, you rarely hear of anyone wasting away like they use to. Just …complications.

We walked down Yonge Street, and as we neared Ryerson University, a young girl huffing a 7-11 slushie yelled into the crowd “YEAH! FUCK AIDS!!!” Most of the route-side volunteers were teenage girls, screaming their support and egging us on. Women were certainly represented on this day.

As we left the Corporate sponsored, post-walk drag show we passed the coffee shop at Church and Alexander, lovingly called The Bear Store, and we saw a few friends just sitting there. A lot of gay men who were not in the walk.

You can see where I’m going with this. The disease, and it’s funding, seems to be in decline.

But not gone.

Okay enough soap box yammerin’. Here’s some pictures!



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Yesterday I got mildly bewildered after reading about how (yet again) Rob Ford managed to be completely clueless about the social/political leanings of a room full of people he was going to debate in. I guess his crack team of minders forgot to tell him he was going into a room full of leftie-liberals.

I was tired of the whole political posturing at the beginning of this mayoral race and after reading that I was exhausted. None of these candidates spark anything but contempt from me. Some more than others, and I’m afraid that’s how I’m going to vote.

What is getting me down more is the rabble that pounce on any mayoral news story that has it’s comments turned on, ready to vilify anyone who has not forgotten that they had a joint on them when stopped by the cops in Florida.

In my ire, I twittered this:

So very tired of this #voteTO. Especially the “mad as hell” idiots who will blindly lead this city into another Lastman embarassment

Within seconds I was replied to by someone claiming to be a “lawyer” from Vaughn saying sarcastically “yeah how dare the suburban crowd be upset with how Toronto is run…” etc.  He fired off a couple blathering tweets about “downtown sensibilities” and I thought best if I block him, so I can’t quote him directly. His past tweets concerned themselves with how Michele Obama is ruining the US – you get the drift – raving neo-con teabagger.  My next tweet:

Irony, thy name is hashtag

Yeah I know I was asking for it in a public forum, the irony isn’t lost on me, but the speed and venom that this person appeared out of the woodwork convinces me that this election won’t be won by intelligence or by rational decision making. The pitchforks are out, the people are mad as hell and they’re at the gates.

Meeting the In-Laws

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This afternoon I was treated to free theatre by my brother, Michael. Bless his heart, without him the only culture I’d get would be PS3 gaming blogs for cheat codes.

He’s in “Stuff Happens” at the Royal Alexander Theatre, playing George Bush in a play that is…

a dramatic speculation, authenticated from multiple real-life sources, on the behind-closed-door proceedings that have shaped recent world events

When we had dinner earlier in the week we talked about the play and how it was coming along but he failed to mention he was playing GWB. As the play started and we were introduced to the political figures that shaped world politics during 9/11, my brother rose to speak and a ridiculously frank Texan accent came pouring out. Being his brother and have listened to countless jokes and impressions from him all my life, I couldn’t tell if he was pulling it off. However I was very excited. As far back as I can remember, he is cast as the slovenly neurotic schlep that everyone falls for and I think this was his second political figure he’s ever played (he played an advisor in Frost/Nixon), certainly the most colourful/famous. The laughs he garnished certainly was indication the audience was buying it. The woman in front of me turned to her husband and made some remark, her finger stabbing at the stage at my brother. I think he did well.

In fact the entire cast did really well. The play pulls from actual quotes and situations and relives the insanity of a world wanting and resisting going to war after America’s greatest attack on it’s soil. There were curious dramatic tensions (a suggested budding romance between Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice?) and fly-on-the-wall imaging of back room conversations that were interesting to see but would probably make a Right Winger stand up and yell “THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!”, however they never crossed the line into an overt Liberal love-orgy. I would hope that if it ever plays in the US that many people go see it in  “Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it” kind of way. But I think is pretty doubtful, unless Michael Moore produces it – SharkBoy’s comment after was “I doubt they could stand it”

The kick in the gut line says it all: “After 9/11 America became stupid”

PS: The whole reason I wrote this was to say I met my brother’s fiance. Hello Morwyn!!

Virgin Economics

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surIn a somewhat ironic twist, Virgin Mobile has set up a “lifestyle blog” called Before you yell “Corporate shill”, I think it bears a good look. I know it’s a bit of a conundrum: “Here’s how you can save money during these desperate times, but buy our phones!” Hey, don’t we get out of a recession by spending a bit of dosh? Whatever your thoughts on fixing the crap we’re in, the site does offer some trendy and hip ways on saving cash-

(“To buy their phones!”)

Hush you. reads like a slightly bitter Now Magazine in parts (see the review of Karl Largerfeld’s $1500 look-alike bear, or advocating sneaking snacks into the movies – not really okay yes but no), but there are nuggets of good advice within the folds. One article makes note of Freecycle, a Craigslist-style community where you post stuff you don’t need anymore for free. I’ve used that site a couple times and you could actually hear my karma levels rise.

Virgin has always been a bit of a conundrum in my mind. An extremely progressive company targeting a younger demographic through pop culture and social awareness, but a company geared toward profit, none the less. It’s founder, Sir Richard Branson has always been young thinking and young at heart which permeates Virgin’s marketing: Virgin Airways was one of the first airlines to offer in-flight internet access, and I dream of taking a trip on the geek-gasm named Virgin Galactic. ScrewYouRecession’s edgy play for the young dollar through assistance and information is just toeing the company line. Despite all the tips, funny articles and celebrity chatter, does it actually help youth deal with this depressing recession, hammered into our brains every time we’re exposed to any kind of media outlet? Or does it just add signal noise?

As I type this, the news just reported that the TSX rose today 61 points. So while the site’s helpful tips are welcome, lets hope they’ll not be needed for long.

Call To Yarns

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“I won’t say goodbye! I’ll see you in 5 weeks!”

Thus our fearless leader drops us into our 40th election. I’ve invited Amy, the ASL speaking gorilla to comment on our next round of political postulation. Amy?

Amy good gorilla!
Banana now? No?

Mush face go tv tell us make circle work.
No talk about problems bad now.
Talk about himself. Circle work.

Mustache man make words.
Make good words until one stupid word. Destroy all good words before.

Funny Word Man makes funny words.
Amy scratch head. What? Wait for good words. Words come but work for words.

More of same.

Banana now? Amy good!

Thanks Amy! Stay tuned for 5 more weeks of Elections Canada updates as they happen!

Just Like America