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Call To Yarns

Amy, political

“I won’t say goodbye! I’ll see you in 5 weeks!”

Thus our fearless leader drops us into our 40th election. I’ve invited Amy, the ASL speaking gorilla to comment on our next round of political postulation. Amy?

Amy good gorilla!
Banana now? No?

Mush face go tv tell us make circle work.
No talk about problems bad now.
Talk about himself. Circle work.

Mustache man make words.
Make good words until one stupid word. Destroy all good words before.

Funny Word Man makes funny words.
Amy scratch head. What? Wait for good words. Words come but work for words.

More of same.

Banana now? Amy good!

Thanks Amy! Stay tuned for 5 more weeks of Elections Canada updates as they happen!

Just Like America

Some Stats (That I Really Don’t Watch… really…)

Distractions, Tech

I know that stat reporting to your readership is as exciting as an Annual General Meeting for Canadian Chartered Accountants. But the plugin WordPress.com Stats is like those new President Choice Blue Cheese and Hot Wings chips: So addictive, I will probably keel over from it.

Domain owners with WordPress and WP.com bloggers can install it as a Plugin (you’ll need your API Key). Best of all, it’s free! Instantly you can watch your incoming/outgoing stats bloom like a tense parent watching their sexually budding child go out on Prom Night.

It also does a great job logging Google searches that brought people to your site. For fun, here’s the last few searches:

restaurant makeover 4
killman zoo 3
dead robot pictures 3
hey ashley whatchoo playing 2
attack photos 2
amy good gorilla 1
restaurant makeover death watch 1
improv gas millage 1
jamaica labadee pot 1
grapefruit moon restaurant makeover sued 1
tony blair shirtless 1

Thirteen people came here from Sharkboy.ca alone yesterday. 5 from clicking on their Google Reader feeds. I average 188 unique page views per day. Since installing it 5 days ago, my Pride Tips For Out of Towners is my top post! I’m so helpful!