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The Walk of Shame


I viewed a lot of people doing The Walk of Shame throughout this sporadic long weekend. You know the look: dazed, 100 metre stare with much regret behind their eyes; wrinkled clothes that just don’t look right in the full light of day (leather pants? In 25C heat?); and the shuffling that comes with the combination of too much alcohol and bruise-making sex.

It got me to thinking: What’s the best way to get back home and avoid street level embarrassment?

Here’s my hints and tips!

Leave early. Know that the traffic starts to pick up after 7am. Get out that door and giving yourself enough time to walk home while wearing those obvious clothes (unless you’ve worn ass-less chaps the night before, take a cab. No commuter who may spy your journey home, no matter what their sexual orientation, will take you seriously).

Consider your route home. If you have to walk by a school or playground or catty outdoor cafe full of hip young things, be prepared to feel the icy sting of comments and stares landing squarely on your back.

Don’t sleep there when the deed is done. Save yourself the trouble and pain. No mater how drunk, get your ass out of there.

Don’t spend all your money the night before. Taxis, while recently have increased their fares, are still great for avoiding the long walk home. If your one night stand lives in Scarborough and you live downtown, stop drinking appropriately.

Find a bush and finish up there. This way, nobody gets robbed. Nobody has to sneak glances at letters in the hallway to remember a name. Nobody gets breakfast. Downside: dog poop on your butt.

Steal. When your host is in the loo, steal a clean t-shirt. Unless you’re a chubby chasing, rail thin guy, you may want to steal a washcloth.

I hope I’ve helped you in some small way today.

Doors Open 2008

Distractions, Toronto

Full gallery here at my Picasa Web Album.

This was my first Doors Open event. For those of you across the pond, or not from our city, once a year a great number of otherwise closed Toronto facilities open their doors to the public for a weekend. Spaces that you may never get to see in your lifetime are open to you. For example, the mayor’s office was open (under heavy guard) for you to peek into his cabinets of mementos and reading materials (zzzz). Or you could see the outlandish but uber-trendy Drake Hotel’s custom boutique hotel room’s custom wallpaper (and not have to endure a sleazy trendy one night stand). I thought it was going to be a bit dull but I found all of it extremely interesting.

Some select shots:

The York Armories.

Me with a musket that takes a full 30 some odd seconds to load (if you’re quick)

Us with Steamy! from the Steamwhistle Brewing Company (owners of the old Roundhouse)

Malabar Costumes Wear-house (geddit?). Racks of pantaloons!

Posing at the Drake

A bar just behind the city council chamber. Ten Forward has nothing like this!

And for fun, a preview of the ROTC routine this year: