Who Actually Solved the Crimes?

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Sharkboy: I solved the mystery of the Blood in the Bathroom Sink.

Dead Robot: Oh?

SB: Yes. It was you. You emptied a can of diet Pepsi into the sink and it dried there. I can prove it by the emptied crushed can in the garbage by the toilet. You have the memory span of that guy from Memento.

DR: When I move in, am I going to get this every time I do something around the house?

SB: Not my problem you’re moving in with Scooby Doo.

DR: Scooby Doo never solved the crimes. He stumbled upon the solution, never solved them. It was always Velma or Daphnie. Come to think of it, Fred rarely ever did either.

SB: He was the mask puller.

DR (in Fred’s voice): “Holy shit! It was Mr Chestshitter all along!”

7 thoughts on “Who Actually Solved the Crimes?

  1. Anna Synenko

    oh dear I’m so drunk…and stoned…I went to a party. The first time I’ve really allowed myself out in weeks and weeks…I edit and write and have been in my grotto for soooooo long…you guys will excuse me if I rant? You all seem a tidy group of friends. I have two special bear like creatures in my life that buoy me up from known disasters and so feel like Dead Robot is like my Oprah. Love-love A

  2. Evil Panda

    For Anna:

    andrew and Dead Robot were roomates for years (think of a very hairy, gay “Odd Couple” and you wouldn’t be far off.

    Sharkboy and Dead Robot are currently snogging, and taking the plunge into cohabitating (about damn time, too)

    The rest of us are just friends/admirers/sycophants of the glory that is Dead Robot.

  3. andrew

    you’re moving in together? well, congratulations, or whatever one says for such an occasion.

    i suppose that means i’ll be seeing you about the neighbourhood more often, whenever i manage to will myself to creep into the light.

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