DeLurk You Dinks!

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According to Lex, it’s National Delurking Week, and I’m tagged to delurk. Even though I read her site Mon-Friday (I rarely scan my blogroll on the weekends).

She’s offered up a few pat responses you can cut and paste into the comments if you feel intimidated to say anything original. I’ve used her list and modified them to be appropriate to Dead Robot. Feel free to delurk using one:

• Hi, I’m delurking.
• Hi Dead Robot, Amy, RobotBlogger, Shelly, I’m reading.
• I found you through some blog-collective (blogTO, Torontoist, GTABloggers, CatFanciers)
• I chased you down to find out what you are spilling onto your shirt during lunch.
• I like your pretty pictures
• I’m reading because you keep commenting on my blog, making a goof of the serious shit.
• I’m stalking you Dead Robot/Amy/Shelly. Not you RobotBlogger. You suck
• You “tagged” me so I felt obliged to do the same. But I don’t actually read your stuff.
• More food, less silly movie review crap.
• I found you through another blog and I keep waiting for something G-rated like they do.
• You’re in Toronto. I’m in Toronto. What more is there to say?
• You’re a homo. I’m a homo. Just look at those shoes.
• You gave me an STD.
• I’m hoping you’ll give me an STD.
• I’m just monitoring to make sure I know exactly what you’re saying about me!

5 thoughts on “DeLurk You Dinks!

  1. Lex

    OMG, I nearly peed myself… nope… not nearly. Damn but those edits are funny.

    Hi Dead Robot, Amy, RobotBlogger, Shelly, I’m reading. I’m always reading, just not nearly funny enough to keep up with your regular commenters. I have no idea how I found you, but I laughed and laughed and laughed and still do… but what do you mean by “like a 5th grade teacher”?!?! You’re in Toronto. I’m in Toronto. You like boys. I like boys. What more is there to say?

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