What Would You Like?


I’ve updated to WP2.3 today and felt like a new beginning. Tell me avid readers, which theme do you like the best?

The current one? (very slight changes)

This one? I like it’s compartmental layout but wish it was a bit lighter…
Simple Bloo

Or this one? So newspapery. And three cols no less!
Simple Cols

8 thoughts on “What Would You Like?

  1. Dead Robot

    The WC3 don’t like the clear GIF route. It somehow gums up accessibility. Not that this theme is anyway WC3 compliant with all it’s widgets and whistles.

    I think the three column is “trendy” and makes your blog look important with more links and crap. But it is clutter. I’d rather be readable.

    Now I’ve looked at it a while, the blue is just adolescent in design.

    I guess I’ll just change the header again soon.

  2. Gabriel...

    I started off on Connections by Vanilla Mist — which is this green theme — and actually had a nice blogging relationship with her for a while. If you’re only offering the three choices I’d go with the three-column, but I don’t like three column layouts where the third is a bottom grouping… it gets lost if you have more than four short posts, or a couple of long ones.

    Phronk: “…a transparent gif linking to home over top of the background image.” I love this idea.

    I haven’t seen the rest of the WP2.3 themes but so far I think “Cutline” is the best one to date. Lots of space for photos, large Widjits and lots of highlighted links.

  3. Phronk

    I like the current one too. Definitely not the blue one…the other one is nice, but I’m not a fan of any 3 column templates.

    For the header going home, what I did was put a transparent gif linking to home over top of the background image.

  4. Dead Robot

    I’d like the header image to click through to HOME but it’s an BG image for some reason. If I cared that much, I’d do something about it but I so lazy.

  5. Normlr

    I don’t like the first one. The diagonal lines in the background look like they’re moving. Or maybe it’s the drugs.

    I don’t like the second one either. It’s too sparse and the 3 column thing looks a little cluttered. I have to agree with Gary, they both look too much like templates. I like your current one best, though I do find myself clicking on the banner to go “home” a lot and then realizing that I have to click on “Home”.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. Gary

    This one. The other ones look too much like templates to me… Not that I’m a graphic designer or anyth… Hey wait! I am a graphic designer!

    Having mumbled that, my ‘blog is based on a pretty crappy template too, but I use Nucleus and there aren’t many choices for jumping off points.

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