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As a kid, whenever Laverne would dump a small bottle of Pepsi into her milk, I would instinctively gag. Don’t get me wrong, I love milk. I’ve come down to Skim milk after years of weaning. I wish we had 1% when I was going through kicking the whole milk habit.

The last big meal I had at my mother-in-law’s, she brought out a plate of salad that was swimming in a pale white liquid. I nibbled a leaf. Delish! Much like a Japanese salad dressing… I asked what it was. “Milk and vinegar” I was told and suddenly my stomach flipped.

I have a thing about curdled milk. If I think that any additive will make milk turn into solids, I can’t eat it. I can’t look at it. It comes from my childhood, gobbling down milk that was so chunky, it was 99% curds. Growing up in our house meant you scrambled for food, oblivious to the taste. As soon as the first blobs hit my teeth, I sprayed milk and whey across the kitchen.

I chewed through it. It wasn’t bad, in fact I enjoyed the taste. But my brain was hotwired to reject it.

Milk should have no additives!

(Except for chocolate)

8 thoughts on “Milk And

  1. madamerouge

    This post reminds me of that scene in Heathers when Christian Slater and Winona Ryder are trying to come up with a concoction to make Heather barf: “Milk and orange juice: what’s the upchuck factor on that?”

  2. Dead Robot

    I believe the saying around the house was “Give it to Teddy…” etc.

    Stay in BGI, beached. 30cm of snow here today.

  3. Busdriver

    Milk and Pepsi is like a coke float when the ice cream melts.
    Milk and vinegay eh?
    Any idea as ot the proportions?
    I’ll try anything once.

  4. Normlr

    I tried Milk + Pepsi many moons ago, before the lactose intolerant days. It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t good either. Milk + Vinegar = ewww in my brain too.

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