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Good news! Da is on his way to getting released! He’s still on the nil-by-mouth regime and will still need the bag for nutrients (a nurse will come in at 9pm to get him a fresh one, he’ll use it up while he sleeps and another nurse will remove it by 9am and he’s free from the IV for the day) which willl give the pancreas the needed rests before the operation, but he’ll be in his own bed, away from the semi-private-is-a-joke hospital room. He won’t be sitting in a bed going squirrelly for the next three weeks.

However, the first signs of squirrelly is evident here:

Dad Crashes a MaRS Event

The Toronto General Hospital is linked to the MaRS building, a beautiful research and development centre right beside the hospital. Last night, on our nightly walk, we wandered into the lower atrium and discovered a party in full swing. “See if they can pour a martini into your bag!” exclaims SharkBoy.

“How close to the hors ‘dourves table do you think I can get? Get a picture of me trying!”

He starts to wander towards the suits and gowns with his IV in tow. I can see nervous event planners starting to converge on our location…

I love my father very very much.

4 thoughts on “Dad Goes to MaRS

  1. andrew

    see if he can swipe me one of those huge posters of the human heart they have stuck on the buildings down there. every time i ride past on the streetcar i want to steal one to use as a headboard.

    oh, and best to pops.

  2. Romach

    oh buddy ill read even more deeper then. That is so cool buddy. I got the impression you were extremely close anyway. He must be very proud to have you as a son and a best friend

  3. Dead Robot

    Thanks for the kind words, Romach! We’re pretty similar you and I!

    If you dig deep in this blog, you’ll find that my Da is gay as well. He’s more than a parent, he’s a mentor and my best friend.

    …which I guess parents should be, but you get my drift…

  4. Romach

    I wish him very well buddy and you too. It is never nice seeing a parent having to go through such things. I can tell you love him very much by the way you speak of him. I am very close to my parents too. *big Romach hugs*

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