6 thoughts on “Design Post

  1. Evil Panda

    I’ve had to deal with all of those at one point or another, which is why I moved out of design.

  2. Lex

    (hanging her head in shame)
    I am one of those clients. (See the cover of CETO v1&v2 and point #3).

    And I’m thinking my brilliant “redesign our website” contest may qualify as #23. Hell, I was even planning to use “portfolio” in my copy.

    I’d better go pour myself a drink and reconsider many many things.

  3. Lew

    I had to adapt a couple more for PowerPoint than Web, but I came up with a strong 21.

    Substitute Papyrus for Rage Italic and I have 22.

    So funny, but so tragically true. Great list.

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