End of Day Pics

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The apartment is 99.9% done from unpacking, reorganizing and generally throwing a ton of crap out. Here are a couple pics:

Calvacade Of Droids/Aliens
Left To Right: Iron Giant, Alien, Various Robby the Robot(s), Various B9 Environmental Unit(s), Hint of Gundam Wing.

Programmed to be Inquisitive
George Hamilton is a Collector

Take a picture Right NOW
Flickr Meme: take a picture right now, no preening. Sharkboy is playing Guitar Hero III, I’m just bloody tired.

9 thoughts on “End of Day Pics

  1. Dead Robot

    Madame: he’s loving the new freedom in the media/living room.

    Romach: thank you! the 10Euros are in the mail!

    Sean: Unfortunately no. A new computer for me is more pressing than a third gaming console. soon…

    SteveB: saw that movie alone. That line made me sob like an orphan child on Xmas morning.

  2. Sean

    Have you got yourself a PS3 yet, boy???!

    Love yer Alien. I need to get a figurine of the Alien Queen…then I can have it attacking Sulu & Co.

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