Where’s The Guy…

Toronto, You Stupid Dick

…who is going to clean this shit up?

I really don’t give a fuck where “Fluffy” is. I do give a fuck that you’ve just made a huge mess outside the subway station, on the street corners and on the bottom of my shoes.

The last TIFF, certain dickhead marketing fucks shilling the crap movie “Weirdsville” did their sidewalk ads with an ink that is still visible to this day after a healthy Toronto winter. This shit better come off or I’m going to download your movie off the internet, burn multiple copies and toss them into the streets.

6 thoughts on “Where’s The Guy…

  1. Dead Robot

    There’s one outside pretty much every subway stop south of Bloor. A quick Google and it seems like a contest for the movie Unlimited Playlist.

  2. Evil Panda

    Big red “X” for the eye and a gunshot wound in the rabbit’s body. Red text below the white text that says “Fluffy’s DEAD, bitch!”

    When life hands you lemons, lampoon animal cruelty.

  3. Dead Robot

    cb: “vandaltizing”… nice. I’m not a huge fan. I think we need at least one place to look and not be sold crap.

    Fry: Advertising in peoples dreams? That’s low! In the 20th century, we only ever had advertisements on TV and radio! And in magazines. And at football and baseball games. And on buses, and on the internet. And on T-shirts, and on billboards, or written in the sky. But not in peoples dreams!

    When it’s done as haphazardly as above, well then, I’d rather proudly step in dog shit and advertise my walking choices.

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