Fire Up Your Segway Jokes

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Kathy Griffin’s old ex-boyfriend and co-creator of the Apple computer, Steve Wozniak, is going to appear on Dances With The Stars. Expect one number to feature jitterbugging Segways and Denise Richards to call him a socially inept fat fuck on live TV.

…it’s complicated.

DWTS is a guilty secret shame I harbour. Now that the Woz will be on it, I feel I can safely come out of the closet and say I like the show. It’s like watching Strictly Ballroom every week.

(Via Engadget)

5 thoughts on “Fire Up Your Segway Jokes

  1. SharkBoy

    Should all the geeks unite and keep voting him in, he might make it to the freestyle round… and I’m really hoping to see him do the robot.

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