Buy My Crap, Pt 2: The Quickening!

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xboxHeads up people! I’m selling off my Xbox360 and a twackload of games (with controllers!). I can’t begin to calculate the savings you’ll experience if you were to buy all this stuff at regular prices, compared to what I’m shilling it off for:

20G Hard Drive; 2 wireless controllers (one white one black); all cords (HDMI ready!); wired-to-controller headset for online chat.

Beautiful Katamari
Scene It? With 4 wireless controllers and console dongle
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Orange Box: Portal, Half Life2, Team Fortress 2
Halo 3
Guitar Hero 3 With Wireless Guitar (no face sticker)
Burnout Paradise
Burnout Revenge

All parts are in excellent condition, disks have no scratches. I’m selling because I’m using my other game consoles more. No Red Ring of Death in the year++ we’ve been using it. Console has current operating system updates.

Selling for $425 – Price is negotiable.

Hey! Where you going? It’s such a bargain, the bargain police are after me!

8 thoughts on “Buy My Crap, Pt 2: The Quickening!

  1. Phronk

    That’s a damn good deal. If I didn’t already have almost exactly the same games and accessories as you, I’d definitely consider it.

  2. Dead Robot

    Photog2: We haven’t turned it on in months. I fired it up last week and thought I’d like to have that HDMI port free.

    CB: no… but you can download HD Movies from the Marketplace. Therein lies the reason we’re clearing space. Pretty much all our music, movies and photos from our computers are shunted through the PS3, which “sees” more file formats than the Xbox.

  3. Dead Robot

    Oh and Twitter people? This is just spring cleaning. I’m doing ok with the dosh. (though the extra $$ for Disney would be nice!)

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