Rogers Know Their Stuff!


For shits and giggles, SharkBoy and I went into the Rogers outlet at Church and Wellesley yesterday to see what the official word is on upgrading hardware. The drone behind the desk was the biggest iPhone killjoy ever employed by Rogers.

When I asked about the upgrade program, he said: “Why would you want to? The free OS upgrade on the 17th will give you all the same apps except the compass!”

“What about video?”

“There’s an app for that.”

What the drone failed to mention (was ignorant about?) is that to get a working video app you need to jailbreak your phone – there is NO iTunes sanctioned video app. Is an official Rogers representative telling me to break Apple’s DRM? Oh and what about Voice Control? Not for us lowly 3Gers! He also was a bit clueless to the fact that I was asking for a hardware upgrade: twice the processor speed, more onboard memory and storage. But I didn’t want to get into a mental war of geek-gasm knowledge.

“So you have no official word?” I press.


I expect that Rogers, like AT&T, will expect you to buy the handset outright, no subsidy.

Oh well, at least we’ll have MMS for sexting.

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  1. ferrmat

    Hey DR:

    The Husband and I are going to be in TO next week and I come bearing gifts. Love the blog (and SB’s) and just wanted to say thanks. Can chance to meet? Oh, I’m not a crazy stalker or time share seller, just a fan.

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