Channeling Russel Crowe

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I awake suddenly at 1am due to some unnamed, shrouded nightmare. As I lie there getting my heart rate back down I decide to “go to my happy place”. You know – thinking about the most relaxing thing I could conjure up at the time in hopes to get me back to sleep. Otherwise I would start thinking about work and oh god did I leave the stove on? Etc…

For some reason I thought of the opening scene from Gladiator (due to Spartacus on HBO Canada?) where Russel Crowe is walking through the wheat field and just touching everything (non-commercial reenactment below):

Anywhoo. I’m there in the dark, dreaming of golden fields of grain, the sun beaming down on me – not too hot, my hands touching lightly the plants as I wander through the grass, the smell of summer in my head —

The cat, from the foot of the bed, burps.

I didn’t get back to sleep until well after 3am.

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