What’s In The Suitcase? Day Five


SharkBoy figured it out, I’m sure you all did. Yesterday’s Day Four picture has a lot more than 3 shirts folded into it. Yes. I am pre-imaging some of these posts. I had to because the Xmas tree wasn’t down this weekend and I only had a few stolen moments to set up a few shots before the deconstruction. After Day 6, it’s all new, baby.

On to today’s pic: I’ve started a thread over on Cruise Critic’s Gay and Lesbian board seeing if any other ‘Mos were travelling on the trip we’ve booked. After two months, lots of views, but no response. SharkBoy and I have resigned ourselves to the possibility that out of 3600 guests, we’re the only to homos on The Explorer and that we’re only going to find cruisers well into their 70s (no offense, Da) who might have dubious religious beliefs that don’t include Canada’s Rights of Marriage. I know, I know – the odds are highly unlikely – besides, who says all the travelling gays read Cruise Critic?.

I digress. When I use to work at the bar, I’d wear leather/bear/cock shirts out in public, proudly. These days I’m not one to overtly advertise my sexuality via a t-shirt but this one is as close as I get (other than my first Gay Day shirt).

[singlepic id=184 w=320 h=240 float=none]

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