I Too, Have Had Sext Relations With Adam Giambrone

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A few months back I was on the TTC and at Bloor station, Adam G hopped on and immediately whipped out his Blackberry.

I was utterly surprised!

He’s taller than I expected and was quite striking in his finely tailored suit – something you don’t see often on the subway. Even though I knew he was the Chair of the TTC, I thought it odd that he would actually use the Teet as part of his daily commute. I mean come on! He’s the friggin’ chair, right? Limos!

Anyway, he was so intent on getting a message out before the train moved (and killed the signal, I guess) that he huddled over his unit with utmost concern. As quickly as it started, he finished his business and seemed more relaxed and amicable to his surroundings. Was he sexting his current beau? Or another? Or some dude?

That’s actually the end of my story. Can we please leave the poor bastard alone now?

2 thoughts on “I Too, Have Had Sext Relations With Adam Giambrone

  1. furface

    If the allegations weren’t that he had sex in his tax-payer funded office then it wouldn’t matter who he was screwing. But since he is generally so arrogant in his demeanor to everyone below him, he is getting what he deserves.

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