Immortal, If Only in Pulp

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I’m digging through my box of comics, downsizing, removing the non-valuable ones and I come across this – Issue #1 of Lethargic Lad:

Lethargic Lad Issue #1

It was created by a group of animators and one teacher within my class at Sheridan College. These were the “cool guys” that sat at the back of the studio who were tight and occasionally monopolized the facetime of the Layout teacher, Brian LaMay. Every so often they would produce a original ‘zines that were 5×7 in size and were filled with sight gags and artwork that would make our life drawing teacher faint, but you could tell the stories (sometimes broad, sometimes laser accurate parodies of current comic/movie/TV happenings) that they loved the medium. And that they didn’t have any girlfriends.

The day their full colour (cover) issue in proper comic book format came out, I was sitting at my desk in third year animation class. Greg Hyland entered the lofty classroom and slammed a pile of them down on his desk. Like something out of a Disney movie, the class crowded around and shucked out the $2 for a copy. As I got mine. Greg smiled and said “Check out page 5.”

LLad - Page 5

That’s me, and my roommate at the time, Ray Larabie (who is now in Japan hawking fonts, lucky bastard). We’re being accosted by Greg’s creation: Guy With A Gun, a ripoff parody of The Punisher. I was happy I got two lines over Ray’s one. Suck it!

I see that Greg has kept Lethargic Lad going all these years and is working as a storyboard artist. Good to see!

5 thoughts on “Immortal, If Only in Pulp

  1. cb

    It’s prety cool to be immortalized in comicbook form.

    Got any panels I can bastardize on Fridays??

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