6 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today

  1. The Mutant

    Ohmygod… I totally know a guy who could lend us jizz-stained furry mascot costumes, we may have to air them out to get rid of the smell of amyl, then again that might just add to the fun. I’m so there… I’ll even bring my own fucking cheese to roll down the hill – see if I can’t trigger a false start or two!

  2. Dead Robot

    Thejtree: I am sure the reason for this is fueled by alcohol.

    Sharkboy: I knew you’d like this one.

    The Mutant: Welcome back! I was worried my punk sensibilities were fading! And I’ll go with you only if we can wear jizz-stained furry mascot bodies.

  3. The Mutant

    Did someone really shout out “get the cheese”? Um… yeah, thanks for that. I totally forgot why I was throwing myself head-first down a slippery hillside!

    Meanwhile, I’m probably not bat-shit crazy enough to enter, although I do want to stand at the bottom of the hill and catch the mad cunts rolling towards me at a hundred miles per hour. Wanna come with me?

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