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With DecalsFinger to throat dunking, attention starved career minded individuals? No! I’m talking removing plastic from flash, glue huffing and decal ripping fun! See, I’ve had this dang model sitting in the back of my closet for years and because we didn’t plan anything for May 2-4 weekend, it seemed like a good time to work on it.

The model came with about 20 pieces, shifting loosely inside the box. The instruction sheet was as helpful as a mute at a karaoke bar:

The year is 1997. Space travel has become routine. There is a regular exursion to Mars on the SS (Space Ship) Mars Liner class rocket…

Impossibly vapid assembly sheet here (PDF).

If the design looks familiar it’s because you’ve probably seen it on Uncle Walt’s desk (if you’re that old) as he waxed philosophically once a week about how great the future was going to be:

Tomorrowland, Disneyland

I’ve always loved this kind of futurama rocket design – the landing pads, the portals, the grace of travel through the harshest of climates, the hope for the future, etc. I bought the model in a dollar store long before I met SharkBoy, long before he implanted my Disney obsession (somehow starting up my love for Disney blanked out the ship from my weekly Disney TV memories) and didn’t know that there is a life sized version at Tomorrowland (at least I think it’s still there – it was when I took that picture!), so you can guess I went a bit wobbly kneed when I came around the corner and saw this staring up at me.

It’s a shame I never got around to making it.

With the weather and the lazy day attitude, it was as good as any day! Enjoy.

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