6 thoughts on “It’s Someone’s Special Day

  1. furface

    Hope he had a nice BIRATHDAY – is that like a Jewish thing? Oh no, that would be brithday – whatever – you got him what he wanted?

  2. The Mutant

    Ha ha haha, love it… Happy birthday, uh… Machel?

    Y’know only the luckiest little boys get their very own cake wreck, I’m so jealous… You have the best husband ever!

    Meanwhile I’m sure that last photo should come with some kind of untra-conservative NSFW warning or something.

  3. SharkBoy

    OOOh, my very own cakewreck… ahaha Machel…
    let’s just say that’s what someone close to me called me for years because for some reason he couldn’t pronounce my name correctly. French is SO tricky after all…

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