Boba Felt


I have a career waiting for me if I ever leave the loving embrace of Graphic Design: T-shirt design!

While ordering my tea at my local Starbucks, the barista behind the cash notices my home made Boba Fett felt tee.

“OHMYGOD That is a-maz-ing!”

Other baristas stop what they’re doing and look over. “COOL!” “AWESOME!” etc.

“Where did you get it?” one asks

“I made it myself. I’m teaching myself to sew…”

I barely get the last bit out when I’m interrupted by “NO! WAY!!!”

“Can you make me one? How much do you charge?”

I consider this for a moment. Materials, time and profit factored in would probably jack the shirt up to about $40. If I wasn’t a greedy artist and dropped “time” and “profit” I could make one for about $17.

“A lot,” I respond. I don’t even want to get into the whole copyright thing.

Nice to know I could fall back on my skills, though.

3 thoughts on “Boba Felt

  1. SharkBoy

    I always say that the hour I spent swearing at the machine while I make a new one always stops me from wanting to make some for others… I’m selfish I know.

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