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Distractions, Toronto

It’s that time of year again! SharkBoy and I are participating in the Cabbagetown garage sales festival (wait it’s a street party? Not a buy crap free-for-all? pfft.)

Anyway, I’m super thankful to postbear who has graciously offered his front lawn to display our stuff. I expect he’ll be getting a nice rough-hewn bowl that Da rescued from the Gardiner museum as thank you!

I love this day. I love garage sales. I love spying on people’s crap they don’t want anymore. It’s like being allowed to stare into someone’s soul and then buy it.

PS: If any of you want an all marble dining room table, make me an offer!

4 thoughts on “Buy My Crap

  1. postbear

    please allow me to translate for the people who read this and weren’t there:

    “…super thankful to postbear….” means damn it, we had to help this cripple carry 300 boxes of cds and he somehow convinced us that he was doing us a favour.”

    “…his front lawn….” means the ankle-threatening broken brick cobbles that stank like dog piss after a neighbour let his incontinent dog loose instead of walking him another fifteen feet into the garden.

    “…he’ll be getting a nice rough-hewn bowl that Da rescued from the Gardiner museum as thank you!” means i was lucky enough to be given said bowl (and it is gorgeous, i’m already plotting ways to photograph it properly) as well as two great facehugger signs and a big, blooming orchid. oh, and some MONSTER CABLES, but those were part of the inevitable swapping of stuff that people have adjacednt yard sales do. i resisted taking more, even though you guys had much more high quality goods, as i was trying to strictly adhere to the “nothing comes home with me” narrative. happily, i managed to foist some cds and dvds on you.

    “…allowed to stare into someone’s soul and then buy it.” means just that. i love yard sales and small, personal junk stores for the same reason. this also extends to garbage for me, though – i love seeing what people living in the million dollar homes around me throw out (taco bell and tim hortons wrappers in abundance? bank receipts showing negative balances? trashy novels and half-used containers of herpes medications? really?). it was a sad day when the city adopted those new frankentrash containers and i couldn’t just glance at my neighbours’ secrets.

    i thank you guys for all the help, especially the hour that we ended up staying afterward as that last surge of buyers came in to pester us unexpectedly. good to see you manage to purge as much as you were able to.

    oh, hello andy. the boys said hello for you, as requested.

  2. Dead Robot

    Seang, we’ll be out on the street after 9am, probably chomping at the bit to be out of there by 1-2pmish. Or if we sell all our crap! ha!

    I’d post the address but it’s not our house so I’ll just say it’s in Cabbagetown. I sent your hubby a Map link…

  3. Seang

    Sweet. J and I definitely would like to come – is it on Sunday? I’m not going to be back in Toronto until noon-ish on Saturday, so that’s no good.

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