Priscilla, Queen of the Musicals: Prologue

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I’m standing outside the Princess of Wales Theatre, awaiting limos with glitzy drag queens to pull up for the opening night of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with SharkBoy and CuriousJ when a young chap shoves a camera in our personal space. I seen him earlier and had warned SharkBoy and CuriousJ to back off if he came over. They slink away behind the camera man.

“What do you like about the movie!?” He enthusiastically asks.
“I love how it’s set in the Australian Outback! It’s a fantastic road movie! Great costumes, some funny lines, super action… I love the post-apocalyptic movie genre. Oh and I love how everyone chases each other in 70s style chop shop cars.”
“Whut?” His face falls a bit from behind his popped out LCD screen.
“Yeah! When he finds out the road gang kills his family he goes after them in his Interceptor.”
Pause. “What about the stage show… do you know anything about that?”
“I hear they toned down the bus.” (I was actually being serious. I had heard that the London show was plagued with serious tech issues)
“Toned down the bus…? Hoookay. What about the songs? Any song you like?”
“Didn’t Tina Turner do the theme song? Thundersomething?”
A limo full of drag queens does actually pull up and the camera swings away from my face.

I bet I don’t get used in those shouty “THIS IS THE BEST MUSICAL IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND” kind of ad on TV.

Oh Girls, I think we're lost!

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