Toronto Zombie Walk 2010


Yesterday SharkBoy and I ventured out to Trinity Bellwoods to see the running of the Zombies. After the launch by the lead exhibitionist from the band GWAR, we connected with Fortess and Jtree and their faithful dogstar, Penny and (dead) people watched for a while.

This year we didn’t dress up like we have in the past, and that felt weird. I can’t decide if I like being the one taking the photos or being taken. I do LOVE my new camera, though. Here are some good shots (Full set on Flickr here):

Crowd Spills Out

Avenue Z

We Won

Best Zombie of the Day: Schrödinger's cat Zombie

Duct Tape Hell


Until Next Year my undead minions!

6 thoughts on “Toronto Zombie Walk 2010

  1. DeadRobot

    Heh, I think you need more gore or something. Your eyes rock in that photo!

    “Penny” is my friend’s dog and is a bit of a mix mutt, I think. Love her to bits – so well behaved.

  2. The "furry" zombie

    I was going for werewolf, but I guess I’m just too cute for that.

    Cool pics! Thanks for posting them. There were a lot of photographers, but I think I remember your doggie. She’s a husky (or husky mix at least)?

  3. Dead Robot

    Phronk… I think you’d like her, she was super nice.

    Replicant… can you imagine getting that off? Without alcohol?

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