On our drive home from Vermont, I forced SharkBoy to listen to the Nerdist podcast with Billy West. One of my favorite moments (and there are many, I’d kill to have an hour long coffee/chin wag with Mr West) is when Mr West reveals that he’s is not a person on an even keel in the most delightful way. He talks about perspective and perception:

I would screw with my perception – I would take a hand mirror and put it underneath my eye and walk, and look at things on the ceiling.

If creativity is your foundation of your career, I suggest you listen to it. Even though they talk a lot about stand up comedy* Billy West does offer up insight into where creativity comes from and how to channel it.

Speaking of perspective, Gizmodo had this video up on their site a while back. I frigging love it. Weeee!!!

* Why isn’t the podcast called “Stand up Comedy Podcast”? Barely any kind of Nerd-ism there