Florida 2

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If you look up the definition of “self deprecating” you’re going to see a picture of Gatorland, located south of Orlando. All the signage, all the guest interactions, all the guests themselves seethe with an internal nod to the hayseed that grows wild in Gatorland.

This isn’t meant as an insult. The place seems stupid on the outside but it does have a subversive smart level just below the surface.

The weird part of today wasnt the Gator Wrestling or the deep fried gator bites (not farmed locally), No, it was being mauled by parakeets.

6 thoughts on “Florida 2

  1. MMSLH

    Yippee-yi-yay for technology! Went to Gatorland years ago. Loved, loved, Loved the gator-on-a-stick! Why can’t we get that stuff in Calgary? We’ll put lamb from New Zealand and German horse meat in the stores, after all.

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