Thursday’s List Ain’t Far To Go

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Things I like:

My crock pot, now that the weather is cooling off. I freaking love coming home to a house full of stew-y delicious smells and hey presto, have dinner completely done. If they could make a Gin and Tonic crock pot I’d be in heaven.

Fallout: New Vegas. I hated it at first – 45 minutes into it, after a couple cascading bugs halted the game, I felt that something was different. All the design was there, the story was playing out but it was missing the character of the FO3. Not like “Hi! I’m Bob!” the character, I mean the charm, the spark. FO:NV seems like you spend a lot of time walking. But recently I started to play the game again with intentions to finish it before Uncharted 3 comes out. Progress: I found the sex bot. Now I need to fix the dog.

Our new couch. Holy crap I will die like Keir Dullea in 2001 on this couch, gasping as I point to our monolithic TV.

Instagram. I’ve been on for a while but I’m loving the visual Twitter feel. Unlike Twitter, if a post is boring on Instagram you can still get some appreciation from it.

My new fave expression: Fuck balls and Lemonade!

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s List Ain’t Far To Go

  1. Donovan

    At least one of the Top 10 reasons I love Instagram is your posts, peppered with humor and humanity. They make slogging through the “here’s a(nother) picture of me/my dinner!” posts worth it.

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