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Want to see something cool?



It’s my URL, right? To anyone, these look like two nested subdomains belonging to me, purely because the “dotcom” is in it’s proper place and all that.

Okay go ahead and click it – no worries, I’ll wait.

Ta Da! That site is Not Mine. In fact I have no clue why this site comes up. That page is a perfect copy of this page. I suspect it’s in place for some nefarious reason that I really don’t want any part of.

How did I discover this? I got an email from a chap in Australia saying that this page


is phishing for sign ins on his site, admin.domain.com.au

Of course I’m mortified. I’ve checked all my logs and stats and quite frankly I’m baffled. I have no clue how they’re redirecting to their subdomains while using my domain name.

While trying different combinations of subdomains, I ran across that example above. Someone has my “brand” and is fucking with it. I’m not happy.

I’ve passed this on to my host provider but for the first time in my career as a web guy, I feel old. I feel like I’ve been bettered. That dreaded feeling that technology is passing even ME by.

4 thoughts on “Hijacked

  1. Erik

    Out of curiosity, I just took a look at that host/domain through robtex.com. I’d guess someone messed with your DNS records at your hosting provider. 🙁
    It looks like they did that to a few other domains, too.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, and there’s nothing listed. I did try to duplicate the same subdomain but it didn’t work. Something to do with the “www.”

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