Radar Thursday

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Some things I have in my tiny peripheral vision:

BoingBoing gets a video exclusive that trashes their core beliefs. Yesterday BB got the scoop on Bjork’s newest video “Thunderbolt” but yet the video is geo-blocked, meaning it can’t be played in certain countries due to… whatever stupid reason. Way to kill the “The Internet Should Be Free” mantra, BB! Ok I get it. It’s a big deal and should be posted and potentially brings eyes to ads, but it stinks of hypocrisy. Bootleg vid here.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is out. “10 out of 10” on a couple review sites and even some controversial reviews… From what I gather they’ve ramped up the cinematics and atmospherics for the sake of length, but holy crap that’s what made the progression from Uncharted  to  Uncharted 2 so cool. Trying to avoid any spoilers but I did manage to pick up three words that made me and SharkBoy squee with delight: Capsized Cruise Ship. Meaning of course, one of the areas you play through is turned upsidedown a la Poseidon Adventure. Awe. Some!

The next iPad may not be iPad 3 but a “refresh” of the #2 with slimmer design, longer battery yadda yadda. Like Christmas right after Halloween, the rumors are starting early for the spring!

20 Couples that put that spoiled brat Kardashian to shame. I can’t tell you how much I hate the whole concept of the Kardashian “empire”: fame for fame’s sake. Damn you Andy Warhol!!

That guy? Walking across Australia in a Stormtrooper outfit? He’s been tweeting pics. All are cool, but especially love the little story about the SkyLab littering fine sent to the US Government.

Sean may like this: The Architecture of Villains. A site dedicated to reverse engineering a lot of utopian villain lairs and layouts (mostly from the Bond universe).

And in case you missed it, SharkBoy and I went out as festive (read: gay) Stormtroopers. Mine had a South Western Flair, while SB’s was more traditional.

And if you’re not on Instagram, then you’re missing out. I find it exactly like Twitter, but visual and much more rewarding than stupid words!! Which I LOVE. (kidding…words aren’t stupid, just more labour intensive.)

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