That Fat Bastard!

Toronto, You Stupid Dick 1 Reply

I suppose this is how most 905-ers* are feeling right about now:

*Not to turn this into a regional debate, know that I am kidding. While I do support subways, Fatfucko didn’t show us the money and cooler heads prevailed. Transit for all!

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One thought on “That Fat Bastard!

  1. postbear

    fun fact of the day: ford’s lapdog mammoliti was absent from the vote that shot down the subway proposal. of course, he and the frauds shouldn’t have been allowed to vote on the matter until they could prove that they knew the difference between lrt systems and streetcars, two different concepts that they have confused repeatedly over the past few weeks. i’d say this confusion was deliberate, but it’s hard to differentiate stupidity frtom malice at times with these idiots.

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