Longer Prometheus Trailer

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I would say “Spoiler Alert!” if you want to keep the mystery of the movie as fresh as an unhatched egg sack, because this trailer gives a really good idea of what’s going to happen in the movie. Dare I say too much? Remember how the original Alien trailer had the lights surging through an egg, leaving you saying “WTF was that??” – yeah this isn’t the same:

4 thoughts on “Longer Prometheus Trailer

    1. Tedhealey

      I’ve had a wonderful sense of Schadenfreude all morning when I went back to HOB to see what he has been posting. From his perspective (and from what I can glean, because I can’t log back into that shitty web board), he’s playing it like he’s been a victim. Nice.

      Then I thought: Wait… I don’t care about him or HOB. That’s like getting a friend request from the high school bully on Facebook. I wish him justice to the fullest extent of the law, or his wallet. Whatevs.

    2. postbear

      i want to see the “…explicit photos of him… performing crude acts” he sent the cops. they really should be spread over the internet like a greasy slug tapenade.

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