Massive Effect, Three

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MASS EFFECT 3 is out and just like Fallout: New Vegas, it has it’s clunky buggy moments but I’m such a fan of the series that I’ll play through the occasional armor breast plate suddenly disappearing off a character while they talk. Or I’ll accept the fact that the characters look like dead-eyed marionettes, really really well rendered marionettes, whose mouths hit their marks 80% of the time.

My only complaint, 2 hours into the game play is my constructed Sheppard character. I spent 45 minutes carefully building him into an attractive, hot avatar. I mean right out of my deep subconscious – jock athlete kind of thing guy. And now that he’s mouthing the words, he looks utterly different from when I pressed the undo-able “ACCEPT” button. His skin turned out 4 shades lighter than from when I was building him and he has these creepy sunken cheeks. Basically he looks like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.

Yeah. I went there.

Anyhoo here he is…



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