Toronto ComiCon 2013

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Oh Nerds. How I love you so.

Watching people wander by, in between photos, I thought to myself: These are my people. The geeks, the emos, the curious, the funny, the scarily dead serious. Truly I was in my element. And then my fan ran out of juice and I struggled to get back to the change room before fainting from the heat and smell in my suit.

Here are some pics!

Her first run with the AT-AT pilot suit
hair sneaks out

Ready to go!



Humblebrag: I had at least 2 seconds of air time across all news channels on Saturday night when they reported the nerdsunami. But this is the longest of me at 24 seconds in:

6 thoughts on “Toronto ComiCon 2013

  1. Tom Dart

    Awesomesauce. Glad you had a good time. … Although… for next time… you may want to consider… that if you did pass out in your suit you would have had much better TV coverage.

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