Day 3 – Disneyland

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Apologies, last post should have been titled “California Adventure”… THIS is the day we did Disneyland!

Again, we wake well before the dawn. After some iPadding (is that a verb now? Can it be?) and an early morning swim (nobody swims at 7am in LA) we cleaned up and hoofed it over to Ted’s Burgers, just outside the gates. Delicious! the Breakfast Burritos were the size of a rogue South American country and dictated my colon the same way. Boom!

Ah Disneyland. The start of it all. Every time we visit we always wander around slack jawed and oogly eyed because it’s so familiar yet… not. Small and just as comforting like Magic Kingdom in Florida, but on Jenny Craig.

Pretty much all the rides were ridden except a few that had crazy wicked long lines. We re-rode the Haunted Mansion and got slightly wet on Splash Mountain while we sang along to the vaguely racist songs – you know… traditional fun rides.

I forced SharkBoy into the ASIMO robot demo inside the World of Tomorrow pavilion. I nearly wept with joy seeing that little guy run across the stage. Seriously. I’ve been watching Honda create prototypes since the birth of the internet and to finally see him in “person” was kind of emotional for me. Expect video!

The park closed early with no fireworks but that was ok, we had seen them the day we arrived.

Back at the hotel we collapsed again. Another long day. The next day would lead us into parts… unknown!

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