Disney Day One

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Our flight into LAX was uneventful, so was the car collection. All good and nothing to complain about, except for the quiet talker at the car rental agency, who, in an inaudible whisper, told me I could takethatgreyvehiclethankyou. Super quiet. I took the first one I saw. Hope it was right…

We arrive at the Disneyland Hotel. Before going in I gravely look at SharkBoy and say “Look, I need you to be super charming. Remember when you got us that great room at Riverside? You did that dance and chant until the frond desk clerk gave in?”

“All-i-gator Bay-ouuuu!” SharkBoy sings and does a little butt-dance in his car seat.

“That’s the one. I need you to be that charming if we’re to get the Adventure Tower.” He was the “good cop” I was the “bad agent”. In the end we got the Adventure Tower, King size bed. I love my husband.

We drop our luggage (after squealing like Japanese school girls when we opened the door to the ample room) and run out to Disneyland. We cram in as much as we can before we meet up with the InstaGram friends we invited along. We hit the train around the park, Haunted Mansion (with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay), and the Monorail.

We hit Trader Sams and meet up with Smithersocal (Aaron), MrStevers (David) and Taric (Christian) who had us laughing. Especially after a few Mai Tais. Free poured Mai Tais. Super STRONG Mai Tais.

As it got dark, we said goodbye to our new IRL friends and hit Disneyland again for the fireworks. Wiiiishes!

Back to the hotel room to pass out. We had been going for 16+ hours and the MAI TAIS didn’t help. We pass out with the “Kiss Goodnight” playing over our heads. ZZZZzzzzz

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