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Where Deadrobot brushes up against celebrities

5 Minutes of Cloud Atlas

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The next Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer movie, shrouded in mystery, finally drops a whole 5 minutes on us, like a bomb. It certainly has a visual V for Vendetta / Speed Racer feel (including an awesome “bullet time” scene with Halle Berry in a distressed VW Beetle) but it also has a more adult, mature feel than their previous movies.

I’m beside myself after seeing this trailer. I finished the book a couple weeks ago and it’s stayed with me since. The trailer doesn’t disappoint.

Longer Prometheus Trailer

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I would say “Spoiler Alert!” if you want to keep the mystery of the movie as fresh as an unhatched egg sack, because this trailer gives a really good idea of what’s going to happen in the movie. Dare I say too much? Remember how the original Alien trailer had the lights surging through an egg, leaving you saying “WTF was that??” – yeah this isn’t the same: