Monkey’s Last Summer Show

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Happy Monkeys June 07

This Sunday, the Happy Monkeys will be performing their last show before summer break (back by September).

The first half of the show will be short mayhem with games (Party Quirks, Scene Three Ways, etc) and something new for the last half called Montage: a collection of small scenes all based on 2 suggestions from the audience. At rehearsal we had “time” and “shoes” which resulted in Valley Girls attacked by pulp fiction time travellers as well as various other rifts on that concept!

So take your Dad to our show! It will be showalicious and dad will be appreciativalicious.

Victory Cafe, Sunday June 17th, 8pm PWYC

7 thoughts on “Monkey’s Last Summer Show

  1. Dead Robot

    I took my shirt off for cheap laughs.

    Actually the place was nearly packed and the energy was up.

    I got a nice laugh after swinging a dog over my head with it’s leash.

  2. Dead Robot

    He’s going to suck for suggestions:

    “We need an occupation…”



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