Death TIFF


Lookit me! My first TIFF movie (Every Little Step) on the last day of the festival. Who does movies at 9am? On a Saturday?

8:48 am- Survived the scrum to the seats. Lady, your cutting in front of me and your excuse of being late for the same movie I’m seeing floats like a beef laiden turd.

8:52am – Tale your seats people. I. Said. Take. Your. Fucking. Seats.

8:58am – The woman two seats over just opened a thermous of soup. The woman behind has a Barbie doll voice.

4 thoughts on “Death TIFF

  1. Steven.

    I was going to see The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke, then I saw it was at 9 am (which means I have to be seated before 8:45).

    Uh no. I’d rather sleep and wait until it comes out on video.

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